inSehnDesigns creates a new form of artistic expression

I would like to announce the release of CrayCray by inSehnDesigns, an app for iPhone or iPad that offers unique experiences in photo manipulation and drawing. Integrating the power and flexibility of Apple's iOS with my very own intuitive design, CrayCray empowers a novice user with the ability to render an amazing variety of colorful creations from a simple digital photograph or illustration. Graphic artists, meanwhile, are offered a valuable and complex new application to add to their arsenal of design tools. Teachers and artists alike will uncover new ways to share their knowledge of color and light.

CrayCray exploits the full spectrum of high resolution capabilities available in today's digital image realm and advances efficient new techniques for harnessing them. By combining standard methods of color and light filtering with an ability to limit the output to randomized or specified palettes, CrayCray expands the possibilities of artistic design. The process can be as simple as a single click to "Crayonize" a photograph or as complex as customizing a particular array of colors you wish to represent your ultimate creation. Mostly, CrayCray by inSehnDesigns is just a lot of fun!

Lastly, the inspiration for the product was a challenge to turn a photograph into a paint-by-numbers coloring project. If such a process could be made simple, I conjectured, it could produce a method of fusing today's digital technology with a good old-fashioned hands-on drawing experience.

Well the results are in! It works...and not only is CrayCray by inSehnDesigns an exciting new way to share your talents and be creative, it offers innumerable ways to experiment with color, provides the opportunity to enjoy your photo collection in a whole new way, and produces activities for kids and adults, both with and beyond their digital devices.

See a 90 second demonstration of CrayCray by inSehnDesigns